Greg is an accomplished director with a passion for all things automotive.

He brings that passion into his work with an innate understanding of cars' capabilities and the most dynamic ways of capturing them on film.

Greg was Series Producer and then Series Editor on the last three series of Amazon’s The Grand Tour and before that spent eight years working on Top Gear for the BBC. During that time he devised and developed hundreds of the standout films, set pieces, roadtrips and challenges for both shows. As well as being one of the key editorial brains behind the success of these hit formats, Greg directed and second-unit directed stand-out VTs in locations as diverse as Burma, Namibia, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Chernobyl, the USA and the Canadian Rockies.

With vast experience of running complex projects, managing enormous crews and shooting on budgets big and small, Greg is a creative, reactive and collaborative director with an enviable network of industry contacts that includes the very best DOPs, sound engineers, editors, drivers and fellow creatives, and enjoys strong, long-standing relationships with all major vehicle manufacturers.